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Thread: Xserver 1.3? X.Org 7.3?

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    Default Xserver 1.3? X.Org 7.3?

    I'm noticing quite a few distros switching away from the Xorg package and going with the Xserver package.

    At least, that's what Distrowatch shows.

    Anyways, what's the difference? I mean, if distros are switching to XS1.3 obviously it's better.....?

    Smaller? Faster? Less buggy? Easier to program and manipulate?(developers choice)

    All of the above? I've found some information about Xserver in that it's based off of Kdrive, but from a comparitive standpoint, what's the difference and/or benefits?

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    "Xorg" Includes the Xserver + Drivers etc.

    They are all using the same.

    Xorg 7.2 = All stuff + Xserver 1.2
    Xorg 7.3 = not yet relesed, will use Xserver 1.4

    Xserver 1.3 is mentioned because not all Xorg 7.2 distributions have it, because it is an update.

    I wondered, too, some time ago.

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    Ok, I get it. Thanks. :-)

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