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    I wanna thanks Micheal 2. I installed FC6 two weaks ago and some new diagnostics in Xorg 7.1 informed me the Quadro NVS 400 I'd been unseccessfully trying to make play with Nvidia's drivers was basically hardware toast, not a driver problem. Based on redblog I bought an x700 open-box special from NewEgg, and it works fine, albeit Bigdesktop only spans two displays (but I couldn't afford a new Quadro and the x700 price was right.)

    One Livna issue that kinda surprised me: I was originally running kernel 2.6.17-1.2139_FC5, upon which Livna's kmod-fglrx (8.26.18) installed just fine Just FYI and something to watch out for. Be sure to run "uname -a" and "yum info kmod-fglrx" before doing "yum install fglrx" to make certain yer vmlinuz and yer fglrx are both reading from the same page. Don't count on yer yum checkin' it for you.

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    Default It's back!

    After a short break, the Phoronix Redblog is back and ready to roll! This comeback is due to the amount of messages received asking for the blog's return and the overwhelming help users continue to request. It will no longer be updated on a daily basis, but new blog entries will come along when there is information worth passing along. As this blog continues, I will continue to focus on areas for ATI's fglrx department to improve upon, successes/failures I encounter with my day-to-day usage of ATI's Linux drivers, etc...

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    Fedora Core 6 ATI information added to the blog, with instructions for proper installation.

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