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Thread: LLVM 2.9 Release Candidate 2 Is Here

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    Default LLVM 2.9 Release Candidate 2 Is Here

    Phoronix: LLVM 2.9 Release Candidate 2 Is Here

    GCC 4.6 is set to be released next week barring any last minute problems and there are already release candidates out in the wild. Apple and the other developers working on LLVM and Clang are also targeting to release LLVM 2.9 in early April. The second release candidate of LLVM 2.9, Clang 2.9, and LLVM-GCC 2.9 is now available...

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    Default get some ARM cortex kit then

    "(no LLVM ARM benchmarks due to lack of hardware)"

    you should try and get some ARM cortex kit then Michael , there's a potential for that dual core 2GHz SOC this year 10" and 14" ARM dual A9 Laptops up to 2Ghz in July for instance, and Charbax can probably give you a contact number for them and many other Arm vendors that would love to let you review their kit, if only you asked right now.

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    Default Can LLVM be compiled with GCD support?

    I wonder if LLVM can be compiled with Grand Central Dispatch support (I have not found any documentation about configure options). There is a port of libdispatch to both FreeBSD ( and Linux (, so one could in theory compare the following three conditions for LLVM/Clang:

    - LLVM/Clang compiled with GCC
    - LLVM/Clang compiled with Clang
    - LLVM/Clang compiled with Clang and blocks/libdispatch (-fblocks)

    on FreeBSD, MacOSX and Linux....
    Perhaps GCD has some scalability advantages (which they claim)

    Could be a cool comparison.

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