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Thread: nouveau driver for a gf570 and ati proprietary driver

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    Question nouveau driver for a gf570 and ati proprietary driver

    i have a pc with 2 hd5970 and i recently added a geforce 570 [ mostly for hybrid-physx with win games , i wish to have it with niX too ;] ]
    i use fedora14 and installed kmod ati drivers . it went fine so i tried to install kmod nvidia drivers but it was not accepted .
    the thing is that the nvidia connected screen shows a blue F in the middle of the screen that look like the loading of the os . the main ati shows console message . when i restart , the message is wrote on this monitor too .
    is there a way , a webpage , that explains how i can use it in multimonitor mode ?

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    As far as I know, nvidia and fglrx cannot be installed at the same time on Linux, as they provide different libGL (and also probably conflict in the kernel).
    It should be possible with the free drivers.

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