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Thread: AMD's Catalyst Misses The Support Train, Again

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    note to anyone planning on installing the pre-release driver in natty, make sure you add the unity daily ppa or it will not work (only classic mode/no compiz will)

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    i test the catalyst 11.5 pre ubuntu 11.04 release on my hd4650/AGP system and i just got an blackscreen...

    on this agp system the fglrx in the ubuntu 11.04 repo just do not work.

    but hey... i just purge the catalyst and the xorg-config and enjoy my working radeon driver ...

    maybe the real catalyst 11.5 installer work for this agp system on my old nforcepro3600 opteron system the catalyst allways do not work in that whay only if i install the driver from the real catalyst installer.

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