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Thread: SilverStone FM83 & FM123 Fans

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    Default SilverStone FM83 & FM123 Fans

    Phoronix: SilverStone FM83 & FM123 Fans

    We don't look at many cooling fans at Phoronix, but after being impressed by a variety of SilverStone products over the years -- such as the Sugo SG03, Temjin TJ09, and Zeus ST75ZF -- when SilverStone told us about some new variable speed fans they had released, we decided to take a look at them. The fans we are looking at in this review include the SilverStone FM83 and FM123.

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    I know this is old but I just got the FM83 recently and I think there's a lot of these still on the market.

    My case scenario - a DIY replacement for an open GPU cooler:
    This bugger pumps hot air all over the case. It has increased my CPU temp from 50 to 60 deg C, so I've replaced it with a closed box with a small opening for external exhaust. The opening was like 15 by 50 mm so not much. Choking was to be expected.

    First I went with 2 Noctua NF-B9 fans
    They didn't manage to brake through the chocking. The design was better than the stock cooling but the exhaust was weak and there were strong turbulences at the intakes.

    Now the SilverStone FM83
    At just above minimum starting RPM (~1500) a single FM83 dealt with the obstructed box and provided temps comparable to the stock cooling during stress, with evident stream of air coming out the opening of my DIY box.

    Pretty much every single caveat claimed by the review is wrong:
    0. Great performance-to-cost ratio!
    1. The fan is anything but typical:
    * high pressure (note the blade profile and duct fins!)
    * compact but still stiff body
    2. High noise is due to the fan's monstrous performance. At max RPM it pumps as much air as a high-performance 140mm fan at 1600RPM! At moderate RPM the fan noise is... moderate. Isn't putting noise against RPM a '101' of fan reviews?

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