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Thread: Intel Sandy Bridge Performance Goes Up Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by imamdxl View Post
    Hi, I am using linux 2.6.38 from kernel ppa on Ubuntu 10.10. will I get performance boost with MTRR enabled. my graphics is Intel GMA 4500. if I will how to enable MTRR.

    Thank you
    I can't tell you if you will benefit from it. I was receiving this message om my dmesg:

    [drm] MTRR allocation failed.  Graphics performance may suffer.
    So, if you are receiving that message you might benefit from enabling MTRR_SANITIZER.

    I enabled it on my system recompiling the kernel and changing this option on .config file under /usr/src/linux:

    I'm also using mesa from git which boosts my system. You should try it too.

    If you get any progress, let me know.

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    Default Intel Linux

    If you get any progress, let me know.[/QUOTE]

    Hi, thanks for the info.

    I am not receiving anything like that on dmesg. I am using git too compiled Mesa and Xserver from xorg edgers ppa.

    You should check 'use video devices' on Users and Groups settings.


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