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Thread: What Would Be Crazy For Linux Right Now

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    1 - AMD/ATI releasing a FOSS video acceleration API for decoding/encoding H264/MPEG-2/MPEG-4 videos, with the same-level support we've got on Windows (for instance, allowing UVDx + shaders to enhance video quality on videos without adding + CPU resources, (like we have ATM with DXVA)).

    2 - ATI FOSS driver allowing shaders to decode videos via hardware... This could also be applied to Catalyst to decode non-UVDx supported formats...

    My 2c, cheers

    p.s.: About point 2, I'm hoping this problem will be solved in a +/- near future...

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    Quote Originally Posted by d2kx View Post
    Steam for Linux is so much a gag as Duke Nukem Forever. It *is* coming, but no one ever believes it until they see it and why should they.

    Btw. Michael, did you know Crysis 2 is DirectX 9 only...
    Bullshit - Crysis 2 is multiplatform (as such is the underlying engine). How would you expect it to run on Playstation3, eh? It's an OpenGL/DirectX product. I see no reason how it could not be easily ported to Linux, if ever.

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    • Adobe Acrobat X Professional for Linux.
    • 64-bit build of Adobe Air.
    • Bioware releases all recent and future games (Mass Effect 1 & 2, Dragon Age 1 & 2 and Star Wars: TOR) on Linux, with native 32-bit and 64-bit Linux builds, licensing their core engine under GPLv3 (with optional OpenGL 2.1 renderer specifically targeting the FOSS drivers and OpenGL 3.3 renderer targeting proprietary drivers) and selling the content/artwork pack.
    • VMware relicenses the entirety of VMware Workstation under the same license as VirtualBox (GPLv2 iirc), and announces an engineering partnership with Oracle to combine the best of both technology platforms into a single, unified platform containing components of each
    • A heroic 15000 line patch to the open source graphics stack from Dave Airlie improves the performance of r600g to be 1.25 times faster than Catalyst at 1920x1080 running demanding OpenGL 2.1 games
    • A heroic 50000 line patch to mesa from Brian Paul adds complete support for OpenGL 4.1 with all patented features implemented and working but hidden behind a --yes-i-know-i-am-violating-acta-patent-law configure option
    • Internet Explorer 10 is GPLed and ported to Linux with support for COM/ActiveX controls and "thunking" 32-bit controls into a 64-bit browser, for all those damn sites that refuse to acknowledge that anything other than Windows XP exists as an operating system
    • Java 7 final and OpenJDK 7 are officially released and OpenJDK 7 has no proprietary components
    • The U.S. Supreme Court declares software patents unconstitutional
    • wine gets "finished", being able to natively run all Windows userspace applications with a 100.0% faithful representation of either Windows XP, Vista, or 7 (including full integration of applications' use of Aero into compiz); also supporting full emulation of userspace drivers and WDM drivers emulated in userspace, including both 32 and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista, and 7
    • Ubuntu Bug #1 is marked as fixed&closed (i.e.: Windows no longer has the dominant desktop market share)
    • Apple iTunes gets a native Linux client, and all media you own that was only available with FairPlay DRM is now available for re-download as WebM (video) or Ogg/Vorbis (audio)
    • The RIAA dissolves itself
    • The MPAA dissolves itself
    • MPEG-LA releases their patent pool to the general public with unrestricted worldwide licensing

    I can probably think of others...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanjo View Post
    Another headline:

    Linux users stop resorting to denial as way to fixing issues.
    Apple users stop trolling on Linux forums.

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    Unrestricted right to S3TC granted to open source projects

    Microsoft releases all versions of DirectX under BSD license

    Massive exodus at KDE as developers join Trinity project

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    • VIA releases their S3TC patent.
    • AMD releases UVD documentation.
    • AMD/Red Hat/VMWare hires Denis Steckelmacher

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    Linux becomes the only platform with perfect emulators for any other platform, starting with Windows Android PS3 OSX

    Linus moves on to work on Haiku kernel

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    Quote Originally Posted by kraftman View Post
    Apple users stop trolling on Linux forums.
    Linux users stop calling anybody that differs with their view trolls and can withstand constructive criticism.
    Linux users stop blaming others for their OS's shortcomings.

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    Apple decides to embrace Android, replacing iOS accross all their devices.

    Adobe releases Flash under GPLv3

    Microsoft releases MS Office under GPLv3

    Duke Nukem forever is released, with native Linux 32 and 64 bit support

    Direct X is ported to and released under GPLv3

    Mike Gailbraith releases ~200 line patch for the kernel that executes witchcraft in order to make all hardware work out of the box at full capacity.

    btw, I really hope you're right about Steam being ported to Linux, we could really do with that atm....

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    AMD releases UVD documentation for OSS driver video acceleration

    US Supreme Court strikes down software patents

    Nokia says it was all a big joke, drops Win 7 phone plans

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