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Thread: Unigine Build Now Does Multi-Player, More Destruction

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    Default Unigine Build Now Does Multi-Player, More Destruction

    Phoronix: Unigine Build Now Does Multi-Player, More Destruction

    For those who pre-order Unigine's OilRush game to get beta access prior to the planned June release, a major beta update to this real-time strategy is now available. Multi-player support is now enabled, there's many bug-fixes, and visual destructions of towers, units, and other enhancements...

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    When will they have a demo?

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    They're still in beta. Demos don't come out until the release is final (unless you want to count the graphical demos).

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    Cool that pre-order folk now get windows & linux builds for the same key (i.e price). They're even offering to refund people that bought one of each (well, ok, not those words exactly - it's more "contact us if you bought both and want a refund on one").
    Not that I intend to play it under windows (except for comparison purposes perhaps) but it's still good. I'm curious how many of the people saying they'd hold back until the same purchase got the game on all platforms will now preorder.

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