Sup guys.
So I have a laptop with an NVidia 320M graphics card and the last few installs of Ubuntu (and Gentoo, and Arch, but they're irrelevant for now) I've had on it I've used the proprietary Nvidia Driver installed for 3D effects and such.

But I've found out about Gallium3D and that Direct3D10/11 support is included (with apps such as Dolphin through Wine taking advantage of the Direct3D10/11 support so things run much faster) and I've also changed my mind about drivers - I want to go open source.

Now Ubuntu 10.10, the one I'm using, comes with Nouveau by default, but it's not of the Gallium3D variety (for example, Compiz does not work properly and asks to install the proprietry video drivers). Can someone give me directions as to how to get this to work? I've checked the Ubuntu Wiki time and time again but it's too confusing. Any help is appreciated.