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Thread: Question about multi GT 220 to build a multi-monitor system

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    Question Question about multi GT 220 to build a multi-monitor system

    Hi everyone, I have got great information on this forum to build a 4 monitors system with two ATI 5770 graphic cards. However, I couldn't find information how to rotate the monitor screen clock wise.

    From the unofficial AMD wiki, Randr is not playing well with ATI proprietary driver. I would like to know if nVidia has better support on multi-graphic card and multi-monitor.

    Basically, I need a system that can output at least 6 screens. All the screens will be the exact model, size, and resolution but will have different rotations. Only 2D performance is critical to the system. Visual effects will not be enabled/installed.

    My plan for a testing system is using GT 220 graphic cards on a motherboard which has 2 PCI-E slots. The system will be Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or above. Will this plan be feasible? Can I scale this prototype to a 4 GT 220 graphic cards on a 4 PCI-E slot motherboard system with 8 monitors?

    If my plan is not good, please provide some other setup. Great thanks!

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    It can be a bit tricky, i did not test it, but some features are restricted to quadro cards (like twinview with more than 2 screens). fglrx partly works with standard xrandr, for on the fly monitor enabling i had to add a virtual override which was not needed for oss driver. But i tested only 2 monitors and no rotation. With that override no x shutdown was needed to enable the correct config, but should not be problematic to use the vendor's config panel when all monitors are on by default.

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    You may see a performance penalty from using rotated screens with the nvidia driver.

    Multi-GPU setups also have drawbacks and are best avoided if you can help it.

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