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Thread: Open-Source Ryzom a Possibility

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    Default Open-Source Ryzom a Possibility

    This looked liked a good place to post this bit of information. Ryzom is a MMORPG that seems to have a larger player-base in Europe than in the US, and the company who owns and runs the game is bankrupt and going into liquidation. A community of players are trying to raise enough funds to purchase the game and then license it under the GPL. While I've never played this game, I've heard of it several times. In the interest of having more open source games to choose from, you may consider helping their cause. See this link for more information:

    EDIT: I should have added this originally, but donating funds to get this game GPL'd doesn't actually mean giving money right now. The people in charge of this don't want to be in the position of having to refund everyone who donated if the gaming community doesn't raise enough money; instead you make a pledge to give a certain amount now, and when the end-goal is reached in pledges then the actual money is asked for.
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