The AMD 8.39 driver is now out w/ Fedora 7 support! Other than that, there isn't anything too exciting, but check out the Phoronix article for more information:

Last month was an interesting time for AMD and their ATI Linux display driver. The Radeon HD 2400 and 2600 series were introduced, but as we have unfortunately come to expect, there was not a supported R600 driver that day or even that month. In fact, there still is no Linux driver to support any graphics card in the R600 series. Though making the month unique were two display drivers being released in the same week. The 8.38.6 driver had introduced Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 support as well as some minor fixes, but nothing to spark interest in the minds of end-users. The second Linux driver released, 8.38.7, had come down the pipeline as a hot-fix release to correct a bug where aticonfig would crash and remove your xorg.conf. Moving forward to the 8.39.4 driver released today, we still have no AIGLX or R600 support, but we do have Fedora 7 support!

Release Notes:

( This driver has been dubbed the "8.35 no longer does it better" edition as it corrects TexturedVideo with You can guess the unofficial name for the fglrx 8.40 driver next month in this thread )