I'm pretty new to Linux, so sorry if this is a stupid question, but...
I'm running Fedora 6.

After going through alot of what was written here on the forums to finally be able to run the "ati-driver-installer-8.31.5-x86-x86_64.run" file and create rpm's, I succeded with that and thought it would be downhill from there... guess not.

It made me 3 rpm's:

Installed those 3 with "rpm -i etc.." and rebooted.

My resolution changed after reboot, so it definetely did something, but if I run "glxgears" my framerate is around 270 fps, which seems way to slow. I tested the "Euphoria (GL)" screensaver, and it was like it was on pause, stepping frame by frame forward. Not nice.

Running "aticonfig --initial" says:
Found fglrx primary device section.
Nothing to do, terminating.
Did it again, but I added "-f", then it seemed to do something with "xorg.conf". Reboot again. No difference.

I saw a screenshot on the ATI Control Panel, at the bottom of which it says:
Mesa GLX Indirect
Shouldn't it say something about ATI?

Any ideas that can help me? Have I missed something vital?

// Stefan