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Thread: Farmville on AMD Fusion

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    Question Farmville on AMD Fusion

    (Little rant: this is my second account after Chromium ate my passwords for ALL my nonessential email/forum accounts, including my password recovery address. Now using Firefox 4.)

    On to my question: I'm planning to upgrade my current Athlon II X2-240 to an AMD E350 (Fusion). My chief concern is if the E350 is enough to play Farmville on Linux (probably the most important use the computer will have besides playing video). From what I've read in the 'Net, this should be more than enough to play Flash games on Windows. Is this the same case with Linux, which doesn't have the benefit of hardware-accelerated Flash?

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    ? Don't the latest flash builds do hardware acceleration?

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    The 32 bit flash 10.2+ can use video accelleration with vdpau but not vaapi. It depends on the gfx chip which res are supported and compared to win, where all web video players are supported on linux only the new ones using the new variant are accellerated (like youtube). Also enabled accelleration (it is disabled by default!) leads to plugin crashes, the flash shipped with Chrome has accelleration completely disabled and the standard override does not enable it.

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