Here's an interesting little problem. My PC switched itself on last night at 1:00:38 (according to the system logs), and I didn't tell/want it to! I'm running Kubuntu Feisty, and have an Abit AN-M2HD motherboard. Now the motherboard can be woken up via a PCI/PCIe card (I don't have any), via the LAN (my router was switched off), via a manual alarm set via the BIOS screen (I didn't do that), or setting an alarm using /proc/acpi/alarm.

I set it up last week to test this function out, via this link (and I also installed the MythTV front- and backends -- I'm thinking of turning it into a mediacentre, and wanted to check that the software end was working before I get any hardware), and all worked fine and dandy. I've been switching the PC off at the point at night, but I forgot last night, so this may turn out to be a nightly thing! (I'll check again tonight.) Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, or how I could check what exactly told it to power on? Any help would be appreciated.