Finishing a FC8 HTPC based on this board and the BE-2400. Mixed bag so far, but I'd recommend it.

I needed the most recent bios (1604) to get the ati driver to work. BUT TexturedVideo (the new XV system for the IGP) isn't yet supported in 64-bit. I think the 32 bit one works unofficially, and I hope the 64-bit might come out soon. Minimal hardware acceleration would be nice (needed for HD!)

Major problem: with 4GB (2x2GB) ram, S3(STR) had a nasty issue, corrupting the filesystem. Works fine with one module.

Sata works well, with an 80+ PSU, idles at 40W stock with one 160 GB samsung PATA, CD, 2GB RAM, and some usb peripherals.

Performance seems quite snappy, but I haven't benched it yet, and won't be optimal until the video driver works properly.

RADEONHD (opensource) video driver also works nicely, albeit with no acceleration.

I couldn't pass on a $40 openbox at the egg. I'm keen to try undervolting, as the BIOS has some decent options.