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Thread: Nvidia 680a and Linux Compatability

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    Cool Nvidia 680a and Linux Compatability

    Well Looking for information however to no avail on the ASUS L1N64WS-SLi Board. Really like what I see here. however Still cannot find any information on compatability for us Linux users.

    Can Anyone help me out here

    I have googled and also done a search on and still no answers.

    Thanks in advance

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    Phoronix will hopefully have the board soon.

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    Check this out. I hadn't heard about problems with the 680i mobo's until today. Among other issues such as stability problems, it seems that SATA drives can apparently become corrupted and unusable seemingly at random.

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    I have another 6* board on hand which is similar. I plan to give it a good Linux testing over the weekend or early next week and can report my findings here.

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