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Thread: Al Qaeda's New Method of Attacks: Cyber Networks?

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    Default Al Qaeda's New Method of Attacks: Cyber Networks?

    Take this information as you wish, but the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team is warning that Al Qaeda may be launching a cyber attack against United States financial institutions during the month of December -- as early as tomorrow. The reported attack would consist of a denial of service attack against US stocks and banking websites.

    What actually shocked me more than the news itself was when this hit breaking news just now on cable TV here in the United States, they actually said it would be a denial of service attack. I never heard DOS attacks mentioned on national news before, but figured they would have just called it "flooding a network with lots of unwanted data" or bring in some special tech reported to explain such attacks.

    Reuters --

    INQ7 --

    CNN Money --

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    My Y2K radar is going off for some reason on this one, but who knows. We'll find out in the morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuapurcell View Post
    We'll find out in the morning.
    Well, mid-day depending upon where you are located... If this information is indeed true (which it will probably turn out to be false), they would be stupid to strike before the NYSE opens.

    There are also reports now that it will last the entire month of December... That would seem illogical.

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    Well, I didn't see, hear nor feel I guess this "news" was either fake or they got the timing wrong. :|

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