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Thread: KDE SC 4.6.2 Codename Is Dedicated To GNOME 3.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by siban View Post
    It is not completly true, KDE makes big mistakes (and the distros don't check) like for example this last error introduced in 4.6.2. It was not possible to shutdown the computer for many, many people using Linux, but not (I think) for *BSD users.
    Yes, because of some idiot who thought he will help bsd to gain more attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesomeness View Post
    Yes: Stop minimizing windows.
    When I tried GS it was soon very clear to me that minimizing windows is not something one is expected to do in GS's workflow. Instead new windows should be launched in new workspaces. Workspace management is IMO still lacking refinement but it's just a dot 0 release.
    I just can't adapt to such behavior. Maybe if Gnome 3 will be my first DE in entire life this will be different. Btw. sometimes you just have to minimize quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kraftman View Post
    sometimes you just have to minimize quickly.
    I guess nobody is going to look at porn or play games when they should be working anymore... business owners are going to love the lack of minimization.

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