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Unfortunately they do not list a price yet on that case but as long as it falls within the price range of other high quality cases I'll be grabbing one for my new HTPC build. The fullsized ATX motherboard support is a plus as I will be needing a lot of PCI-e slots for the next HTPC build (3 Hauppauge Colossus cards, one Hauppauge HVR-2250, and a Nvidia GTX-520 totaling 5 pci-e slots). Not many good HTPC cases have that kind of expandability.
Curious what you plan to do with the 2nd and 3rd Colossus cards- I thought you could only do 1 Colossus to one cable box, unless you plan to have 3 boxes stacked right near each other (or some very long runs of cable) does seem a little crazy.
If you wait another couple of months, the HD Homerun Prime should be out, and you can add one of those to the setup (with the benefit of being able to grab channel mapping data from the device).