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Thread: Ubuntu Expels One Of Its Developers

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    Default Ubuntu Expels One Of Its Developers

    Phoronix: Ubuntu Expels One Of Its Developers

    Besides the MPlayer fighting that's now going on, the battles within the Ubuntu community isn't limited to GNOME vs. Unity on the desktop, but in fact the Ubuntu Developer Membership board and Community Council have jointly decided to expel one of the Ubuntu developers...

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    Wow! Maybe he called one of the admis d*ckhead Anyway I'm curious what did he say to get expelled.

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    Default Divide et Impera

    Divide and Rule (not "the empire of DVDs ").

    Is it an old new strategy to fight free/open software?
    The more the community is divided, the easiest to kill it is - How can you realize an important, high-performance, worldclass-production-quality project if the developers fight each other?

    I understand the need for cutting off troublesome individuals or law-risk parts of code -although It would be much better to cut off the troublemaking law ("patents..." echoes), but forking for forking sake is no good to me.

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    Done by: "Ubuntu Developer Membership Board, Ubuntu Community Council". His response: "Thanks for every person who helped me in development for Ubuntu project. Work with you was a pleasure."

    Seems to have been handled respectfully enough by the community and the dev.

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    Default The Ubuntu Community is filled with terrible contributors

    They could stand to lose a couple more community members. Many of their forum and IRC moderates are completely unprofessional. I've too many instances of disrespectful administrators that purposefully try to instigate bans instead of acting with a basic degree of common sense. Mark Shuttleworth needs to keep an eye on the behavior and professionalism of his contributors if he hopes to increase Ubuntu adoption.

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    damn secret trials! i think that even Mark is finding about this now

    is like ubuntu had an area51, that even the president doesnt know of...

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