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Thread: The KWin View On Mutter In GNOME 3.0

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    Default The KWin View On Mutter In GNOME 3.0

    Phoronix: The KWin View On Mutter In GNOME 3.0

    Martin Grlin, the lead KWin developer who commonly talks about his work on OpenGL ES support for this compositing window manager, KDE/KWin over Wayland, and even OpenGL 3.x for compositing, has turned to talking about GNOME's new compositing window manager. This German open-source developer has provided his view on Mutter as found with the GNOME 3.0 Shell...

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    martingr's blog posts are always worth reading. Recently he also wrote a bit about how KDE could implement menu buttons like Firefox 4 does.

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