I think it is interesting promotion:

"Incredibly cheap games from Linux Game Publishing

Crazy LGP Sale promotion To meet yours expectation, we decided to take advantage of unique opportunity and offer you Linux Game Publishing games with very cheap prices. You can also choose your own price from 8,79 to 57,75 if you wish pay more.

Sale includes following games:
Candy Cruncher
Cold War
Creatures Internet Edition
Gorky 17
Hyperspace Delivery Boy
Knights and Merchants
Majesty Gold
NingPo MahJong
Postal 2: Share the Pain
Sacred: Gold
Shadowgrounds Survivor
Software Tycoon
Soul Ride
X2: The Threat
X3: Reunion
X3: Special Edition

Just choose one of letter A-W from "Your price" list, each letter represents one price for example for C it's 12,55. The cheaper price A is limited to few games.

Sale runs from 7th to 11th April at 9:00 CET"