Was browsing the VIA site and noticed that they still have a link to their Linux portal. Imagine my surprise when I found out that they still are updating their binary blobs. A Ubuntu 10.10 driver dated 1. April (the date does make me a bit suspicious) has support for the CN896 and VXxxx chipsets. This is an excerpt from the release note:

Supported Chipsets
Target system must contain one of the following VIA Chipsets:
   VIA VX800/VX855/VX900 Chipset

Main Features
This release contains the following major features:
- Support XORG 7.5 
- Support ACPI suspend to RAM and suspend to disk
- Support HW Video overlay by X extension XV 
- Support XAA 2D HW acceleration 
- Support EXA 2D HW acceleration
- Support support AGP path
- Support Xrandr 1.3