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Hmmm... Sounds like you guys went through a lot of pain with this mobo.

I've not had nearly the same level of difficulty with it, and I've been running Ubuntu/Edgy/64Bit as a MythTV box since you guys previewed back in summertime.

My set-up is probably fairly simple comparitively; just an AGP card (I have used a PCI-Express card in it too a couple times), IDE HDD drive, IDE CD rom, and a ATSC tuner card.

Had a couple of problems with the mobo:
1) had to enable memory "compatibility" mode option - else the board crashes with my RAM
2) DMA didn't work until a 2 line IDE-ATA driver patch was applied (Edgy got this patch in the dev cycle pretty soon after I emailed them about it)

This one I still have:
3) wish my HDD would recognize a bit faster on boot-up... seems to take a good 30 - 40 seconds to detect.