Has anyone had any luck in using the tv out cv (component video)?

I can query and detect the monitor

aticonfig --query-monitor
Connected monitors: cv, tmds2i
Enabled monitors: tmds2i

However when I enable the monitor
aticonfig --enable-monitor=tmds2i,cv

the screen goes black and nothing shows up on the tv

When I use the vesa drivers, the default ones I can get component video on the TV; however the resolution is like 800x600 and I can't up it. Even on my LCD monitor and I try to up the resolution and it won't let me. If I unplug the component tv/adapter and start fedora 7 then the screen's resolution is higher. It's like the TV adapter limits the resolution while using the vesa drivers. But to be honest I'd prefer to use the fglrx driver instead of the vesa driver.

any ideas?