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Fair enough, he needs information. So what kind of information can people provide? Are we talking about dumps from people who are successfully using these graphics cards with the fglrx driver and an LCD panel? I have a laptop with an embedded FireGL 5250 (R530, I believe) which sort-of-works with the fglrx. Maybe if someone could provide a script that would generate the useful information then we could get the 0.1.0 release out the door after all?
What i need is a vbe modesetting bios dump for 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 (and for native resolution). For doing this grab http://people.freedesktop.org/~glisse/vbespy.tar.bz2 and make then ./vbetest 2> /dev/null note mode number corresponding to resoltuion 800x600 8:8:8 ... then q then
./vbetest -m <800600modenumber> 2> firegl5250-800x600
./vbetest -m <1024768modenumber> 2> firegl5250-1024x768

You should see some colored picture on screen. Once you got all dumps pack them together bzip2 and send them to me or put them somewhere on the net.

PS: You need to be root under console and it's better if X is not running and that fglrx is not loaded (in fact it's better doing them after cold boot without X being loaded so flgrx can't mess up with the card).