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Yes it is. As Jérôme Glisse said, there is several points :
- the amd gpu conception (contrary to nvidia) need that the kernel take time to analyze the command buffer, for security reason. fglrx do not do that.
- there is some limitation is the API, and it's not easy to fix. Moreover the kernel api is freeze, contrary to nouveau.
- r600g have a design that is not the best to do what it do.

To conclude, in fact, the main "problem" with r600g is in the kernel, not really in gallium side.
That's BS, there's no internal kernel api freeze! Nouveau could be allowed to do more changes after an RC1, if Linus allows it to, but other than that there's no difference, during the development cycle they can change whatever internal api they want(as long as they don't mess it up for someone else). The only api that is freezed(whichisn't actually true either, because it can be extended) is the one presented to user space. The problems of r600g are in r600g. And it will probably keep having them for some time too, considering that it's still being developed at a far slower pace than r300g.