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Thread: Forum Updates -- August 2007

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    Default Forum Updates -- August 2007

    After opening the Open-Source ATI Linux Forum, we've now opened up a forum dedicated to the discussion of the Open-Source NVIDIA Linux drivers (nv and Nouveau). This is the result of user feedback and increased collaboration between Phoronix and the Nouveau team. Check it out @

    We've also moved all of the ATI, NVIDIA, Intel graphics related forums to their own category as Linux Graphics / X.Org Drivers. We also made some other minor tweaks to the forums as well.

    As always, feedback is appreciated.

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    how about making forum more text-browser friendly? i mean, add more alt= params to thread status icons (specifically those that represent no new posts and new posts). that would be helpful

    browsing the forum in elinks helps understand what i'm talking about.

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