I have been using ubuntu 11.04 since beta 1 and its been nothing but problems with this damned Unity interface, from crashes to bugs, i already knew it was going to be a problem for new users who upgrade or do an install but keep their /home folder intact when upon login there was no Unity interface just the mouse cursor and the desktop wallpaper, turns out Unity doesnt like you upgrading or doing an install with your previous saved/custom settings and so doesnt play nice and just drops you into Ubuntu with no panels etc.
So i am not surprised with this result, 11.04 is a beta test for 12.04 and possibly 11.10 you should only use it because of the switch to the new interface and you will need to be familiar with it and to force Unity on us they plan to do away with gnome 2 which isnt such a loss as gnome itself has already done away with it but the fact there will be no fall back interface if Unity dies on you, by default in 11.04 Unity 2D is not installed so you dont even have that if Unity3D dies or doesnt work.