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Most clients who also come in wanting a new system refuse to take any other operating system than XP...why?...because they are used to XP and are too afraid of everything else. If it don't look like XP, they don't want it and are intimidated by it so when putting a Windows user in front of a Linux machine, you are guaranteed to get the results that Canonical got from their study.
The reason people like XP is because... it works. Windows 7 offers little benefit in user interface over what we've used for years.

Unity probably isn't a bad idea for tablets and similar touchscreen devices which run a limited number of applications and probably only one at a time, but it's a lousy interface for a desktop; having to hunt through a massive list of applications is insanely inefficient compared to starting them from a menu, for example. I also find it incredibly unintuitive as the designers seem to have thrown away the mouse interface so that it can work on a touchscreen; why can't I just right-click on a file to delete it, for example?

Gnome 3 seems to be a simiilar step backwards for people who actually know how to use a computer, slowing down the interface in favor of fancy graphics effects.