AMD 8.40.4 Driver Released -- One Bug A Day Keeps AIGLX Away

First off, congratulations to Yoshi with the extremely creative Phoronix codename for this release. The fglrx 8.40 driver (a.k.a. "One Bug A Day Keeps AIGLX Away") has been released but with not much changes. There is now a 64-bit AMDCCCLE, some TV-out options, and a couple of bug fixes. But there isn't much more beyond that.

I guess the good news coming out of this is that you now have a better idea when the new driver will come now that another month has passed... 8.41, 8.42, 8.43, or 8.44.

As always, the Phoronix review:

Quote Originally Posted by Phoronix
Last month marked the introduction of Fedora 7 support with the fglrx 8.39.4 ATI/AMD driver but not much more than that was to be found aside from an undocumented XML file. This driver did also present watermark problems that led to the driver being recalled and a corrected driver being pushed out. Today the fglrx 8.40.4 driver has been released and while many had speculated the 8.40 series would mark the introduction of the new Linux driver code-base, that's not the case for 8.40.4 driver. What changes does the 8.40.4 driver hold in store for Linux users? We'll tell you today but there isn't much.