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Thread: ASRock AM2V890-VSTA Motherboard

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    Default ASRock AM2V890-VSTA Motherboard

    The other motherboard that had arrived here today other then the ASRock 775Dual-VSTA was the AM2V890-VSTA. The ASRock AM2V890-VSTA motherboard also uses a VIA Chipset, and namely the K8T890 CF + 8237A. The board boasts compatibility with all current AMD Socket AM2 CPUs. The AM2V890-VSTA is also compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, and our Linux results will be available shortly. The ASRock AM2V890-VSTA also boasts the usual ASRock innovations. Here is the AM2V890-VSTA product page.

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    Is it just me, or does that motherboard seem unusually long?


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    It is skinnier than a standard ATX motherboard, but is the same height, which is why it might look longer, but really it's just not as wide.

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