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Thread: Adobe Photoshop Under Linux To Become Possible

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    Default Adobe Photoshop Under Linux To Become Possible

    Within six months Adobe will be releasing a hosted version of Photoshop online. This new version is supposed to be ad-based. This will mean that Linux and Solaris users can use this Internet Photoshop; but this version will lack some advanced features.

    Not related to this, but I am working on setting up a meeting with Adobe at their offices, so maybe when there I'll be able to squeeze a few new details

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    PLEASE ask about a full fledged Photoshop for Linux... I would be happy as heck if that ever came to be, haha. I own it for Windows... but don't use it as often as I should because I hate switching PCs.

    I am not looking forward to the online version, really. Ads in your application puts a damper on things. I am not a fan of the GIMP, so it may be the next best thing.

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    well even if they are unwilling for a full photoshop for linux, I'd be quite happy if they offered an Elements version for Linux
    or at least some Crossover Office support ...
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