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Thread: Linaro Aims To Unify Linux Memory Management

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    Default Linaro Aims To Unify Linux Memory Management

    Phoronix: Linaro Aims To Unify Linux Memory Management

    Last month I noted some of the problems facing embedded Linux on ARM SoCs in terms of graphics drivers with regard to the variety of memory management APIs available (for graphics there's primarily TTM and GEM within the kernel but also there's other options: HWMEM, UMP, CMA, VCM, CMEM, and PMEM). There's also other graphics driver problems in the ARM world, but the Linaro group has announced they've taken up the issue of embedded Linux memory management for graphics and other areas. They're forming a working group to hopefully work towards resolving this issue for their next six-month development cycle...

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    So much options!
    Unbelievable how many things there are, it was about time someone unified this.

    It would certainly be interesting to have memory management for everything.
    e.g. audio cards with dedicated memory.

    After all, it's all just memory.
    how will this work with shared memory across processors?

    Will it be possible to divide memory management tasks among processors and coprocessors?

    It would be very interesting to be able to do things like RAM/memory-defragmentation from a coprocessor. (Faster access because closer and less load on main processor.)

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