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Following the release of the of the 2.6.19 kernel [story], Andrew Morton [interview] offered a list of patches in his -mm tree, summarizing for each his plans as to whether or not they will be pushed to Linus for inclusion in the upcoming 2.6.20 kernel. Andrew's summaries were generally terse, often as simple as "shall merge" or "shall hold in -mm". Many patches were noted as having been forwarded on to the appropriate subsystem maintainer for further review. As per the current kernel development model [story], all major changes to find their way into 2.6.20 should be merged by the time 2.6.20-rc1 is released in mid-December, two weeks after 2.6.19 was released.

The long list of proposed patches are listed at the link.

(For what it's worth, a kernel comparison between Linux and Windows. The 2.6.20 changes haven't been added yet, of course)