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Thread: Open-Source ATI Driver Gets TV-Out

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    The workaround for enabling S-video ouput works quite well (taking from few minuts to one hour of xrandr commands in the loop to enable it) but I've found now that it might be something with the 'ntsc' and 'pal' standards controlled by xrandr (or maybe other commands, too). My TV (28" Daewoo CRT) supports both NTSC and PAL and before yesterday I had PAL signal (with that workaround) but I couldn't get NTSC signal and from yesterday I might get NTSC but not PAL (when I do "xrandr --output S-video --set tv_standard ntsc"). The difference in video on TV is that before yesterday I've got black and white screen on AV2 option in TV and color screen on SVHS2 option (both options are for the same second Euro/Scart connection which supports S-video). From yesterday I've got proper color screen on both AV2 and SVHS2 TV options. Is there a way to check card enabled modes(?) other than xrandr? Maybe reading some registers? It all looks that driver thinks that card has enabled some mode for S-video but it really didn't do it.

    I've checked driver and kernel version but it didn't change from the ones I've post before.
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