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Are you serious? They are perfectly willing to test Gnome but flat-out refuse to test KDE? So they work hard to make sure Firefox works, work hard to make sure Gnome works, but knowingly break KDE?
This response suggests they simply don't care about KDE. I didn't say someone broke kwin intentionally, but it happened just before the release and this is stupid. Last time there were also problems with mesa, kwin and Kubuntu.


"Mesa is our most important upstream and KWin (together with Compiz and Mutter) are your most important downstreams." is not even close to be true. They're very important, but they're not even close to be the most important. Reality is that no one is getting paid to make sure KWin works on latest Mesa3D and that by itself makes it pretty insignificant. In fact there's very few people running KDE as their main DE at all here.
It seems they mainly care about gnome. I believed KDE and Gnome are treated equally, but now I see this is not true.