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Thread: UT3 Linux Server In Time For Release

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    Default UT3 Linux Server In Time For Release

    Phoronix: UT3 Linux Server In Time For Release

    Ryan Gordon has today confirmed on the UT3 Linux mailing list that the full Unreal Tournament 3 server build for Linux will arrive in time for the game's release. Epic Games will also be distributing the Linux server to hosting companies in time for the game's German release.

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    Wow, seems like Epic is following Valve's steps providing the Linux server, but no client (on release). I certainly hoped that the Linux client would be in time for the release (as it was the case with UT2003/4). It was amazing they were able to pull it off, anyway, so maybe they got our hopes too high this time around. At any rate, I hope it won't be more than 6 months after release for them to have the Linux Client and "SDK" for Linux ready. I know Ryan knows better.

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