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In other words you are telling them to disable compositing for every user of open-source drivers?

Even if they did that, I can tell you what will happen: the web will be filled with instructions on how to enable it, users will enable it, and it will break.
So far, this is what I hope indeed

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Users will blame kwin twice, once for making them enable it and again for it not working. It will only make users angry twice.

You are asking kwin to disable major features for a massive number of users. I don't see that as a viable solution.
If they do that, they are wrong and need to be educated about the open-source drivers. Trying to hide bugs never works.

I don't know for intel or radeon, but clearly, nouveau is not even polished-enough to accept crashes report (only mis-rendering bug reports are accepted).

People can't expect things to work flawlessly when a driver is experimental.