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Thread: Concerns Come Over Linaro's Memory Manager Plans

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    Default Concerns Come Over Linaro's Memory Manager Plans

    Phoronix: Concerns Come Over Linaro's Memory Manager Plans

    On Monday there was the Phoronix news item about Linaro aiming to unify Linux memory management; in particular it's for embedded ARM platforms and making the existing Linux video memory managers more compatible with that of the SoC designs and drivers. They want the memory manager to be able to share memory buffers across different devices and processes, which is something somewhat sought after already by Linux graphics developers for GEM/TTM, but this may end up leading to a new memory management fork...

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    It sounds like the Linaro guys have the right idea, at least. Use what exists, possibly extend the current mechanisms, and keep it all public. Hopefully some of the other redundant embedded memory management mechanisms can be replaced, and things will get easier for the embedded guys.

    My ears also perked up at the TTM buffer sharing lines. Multi-GPU buffer sharing for SLI/OpenCL? Yes, please.

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    Hopefully the Linaro community work with the TTM community to enhance TTM, instead of creating yet another memory manager.

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