Hi all, I know that Quake 4, UT 2004, GtkPerf, fgl_glxgears and ET are used as a reference to benchmark linux systems on Phoronix, I don't believe it really covers the scope of linux games that attempt to stress 3d systems. I'd like to request a series of benchmarks and a database/thread to post results on.

Although with the current state of ati drivers (I know the new driver is coming) it might seem a bit too much, I'm interested in seeing just how much the difference between the fglrx/nvidia and ati/nouveau drivers changes over time. Also it might make ATI/nvidia better support these games under Linux (a good pr stunt would be for an employee from both companies to fix graphics related bugs for Source based games under wine...)

So here's a list of possible games (some are ancient, some are more recent) I've compiled - feel free to post other suggestions.

1 - Savage (with full enhancement pack) (http://www.notforidiots.com/)

2 - Half Life 2 and other source based games (under the latest wine)

3 - OpenArena 0.71 (with stencil shadowing, bloom, detail texture, flares & anisotropic enabled)

4 - Nexiuz

5 - Warsow

6 - Penumbra Overtures

7 - UT 3 (when its out/should be soon)

8 - Oblivion (under latest wine)

9 - PCSX2 (latest svn build)

10 -Sauerbraten (latest)

11 - Serious Sam 2

12 - Age of empires 3 (under latest wine)

13 - glest (http://www.glest.org/en/index.html)

14 - compiz fusion bench (successor to beryl bench)(compiz-fusion-plugins-main)

15 - SiSoft Sandra XII (2008)- Apparently there is a
java version available upon request for Linux, FreeBSD etc. (http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/index.ht...se&langx=en&a=)

16 - Apophis (http://www.cubeengine.com/forum.php4...thread_id=1442)