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Which apps/games look differently with your special mesa branch?
None that I know of. Hopefully none at all, since the behavior should stay the same.

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How often do you update from mesa master?
I plan to merge it whenever there is something I need to adapt my code to, or once every week or two otherwise. Basically, whenever I need to so that my branch doesn't fall significantly behind master.

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Should games run faster?
Short answer: no.

Long answer:
Not really. Conversion from Mesa IR to TGSI doesn't have much effect on the quality of the shader code since the instructions have an almost 1:1 correspondence.

In theory, it should actually be a bit slower currently since _mesa_optimize_program is no longer used, and my optimization passes which replace it are less advanced. However, I have yet to find a program in which there is any noticeable difference in performance, at least with the nv50 driver.