>>We're already about to hit a threshold where the DRM and other stuff like it will get enough in the way of people doing things they've gotten used to doing that they'll quit buying the tech gear. What happens then?

My guess ? DRM will survive, entertainment $$ will drop, movie stars will stop earning $20M per movie and the crazy Hollywood spending will become unsustainable, costs and wages will fall to the point where the finished product can be sold at a decent price, a lot more countries will come onstream with first-world economies, media prices will drop enough that people start buying again, and DRM will get relaxed and become more like the lock on your front door than a vault door.

Not sure what will happen with professional sports, which is a remarkably similar business other than being able to rely on the appeal of live performances and so not having to worry about controlling what happens to recorded performances.

Music already seems to be going that way.