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Thread: Updated and Optimized Ubuntu Free Graphics Drivers

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    Default Last 2 versions are broken.

    Last 2 versions of Radeon drivers are broken. Previous versions (buit before February) were just fine.

    Tested on HD5770 and...
    1) Compressed textures aren't handled correctly now (or memory transfers are seriously broken). I can see textured surfaces with compressed textures are full of very specific block-based garbage. It has worked perfectly 2 releases ago though. Only February versions are broken.
    2) After some time (some seconds to ~10 minutes) of mentioned 3D loads, GPU locks up. Kernel attempts to reset it and then reset fails. System locks up so hard that even die-hard Alt-SysRq keys are gone at this point and it locks up even before anything meaningful in kernel log could be written to disk. So there are no logs with crash.

    Previous versions were fine in both compressed textures handling (I use libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0) - there was no garbage. And there was no any lockups even after hours of any 3D loads.

    N.B. I'm using 3.8 RC5 and RC6 kernels. They were fine with pre-February versions.
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