I thought this was something worth repeating.


Finding the Belkin F5D7000 Wireless G Desktop card at walmart

The Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card isnít the only Wi-Fi card that works with Linux. The Wireless G Desktop Cardís Linux compatibility lies within the cardís Atheros chipset. According to the companyís Web site, Atheros Communications has offered ďopen source Linux and FreeBSD software drivers for 802.11b/g and universal 802.11a/b/g productsĒ since July, 2003.

Since discovering the Belkin card, I have visited three different Walmart stores and found three different versions. Version 5100 contains the Atheros chipset. The version number is printed on a white sticker located to the right of the barcode, see Figure B. I have tried other versions of the Belkin Wireless G Desktop, but all have failed. If your local Walmart doesnít carry this specific version, I have also found the card at Staples.