Had to chuckle today, had a system that was going to be upgraded with their Anytime Upgrade from Home Premium to Pro (for RDP and Domain support). So I click the anytime upgrade which proudly says $89 for the upgrade. So I start filling out the form, go to billing and BAMMM it is now telling me the upgrade will cost $130 CAD + taxes so I decided to use their live support to see what the heck is with that because of the Canadian dollar being on par or worth more then the US dollar for quite a while now. Here is the complete transcript of the support message:

John Patrick: Welcome to Microsoft Customer Service Chat. How may I help you?

You: Why is it that the Canadian Anytime Upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Pro is $40 more then in the US? That doesn't make any sense

John Patrick: I see. Thank you for that information.