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Thread: Snapshots Support For EXT4 File-System

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    Default Snapshots Support For EXT4 File-System

    Phoronix: Snapshots Support For EXT4 File-System

    The Btrfs file-system has various "shiny" features like support for copy-on-write snapshots, cloning, transactions, sub-volumes, SSD optimizations, transparent LZO/Zlib compression, and many other advanced features by Linux file-system standards. The problem with Btrfs is that the next-generation file-system is still in development and hasn't yet been proven via years of use and testing yet as being a stable and reliable solution. Most Linux distributions continue using the EXT4 file-system by default, but now there may be snapshot support coming back to EXT4...

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    quite interesting.

    i think there could be 2 ext4 options for install: 1 with experimental snapshots and 1 without.

    but am pretty sure btrfs will be default in most distros in just over a year, so ....

    anyway having options is not bad.

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    Default Just use ZFS.

    Just use ZFS. Especially for NAS. No need to wait.
    ZFS is proven for more then 5 years in production with several hundred TB and tons of disks.
    It is supported under Solaris, OpenIndiana, OpenSolaris, Schillix, Nexenta, FreeBSD, Zfs-FUSE and There is working native Linux kernel module in testing and development.

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