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To the idiots who celebrate when developers lose their jobs: a big, warm fuck you. You have just scraped the bottom of the barrel, wishing your fellow humans pain and misery. Those people have families and children to feed, yet you laugh at their loss - fuck you.

To the Novell developers who just lost their jobs: I wish you the best and I hope you all find new jobs soon.

This is a sad day for FLOSS. No matter if your political views agreed or not, Novell was a significant contributor to the community.
You make quite a few nice assumptions here. Although populism always sounds well, it rarely is true.

1. Who says those people have "families and children to feed"? We're not in the 19th century. Most geeks I know are single and will die single.
2. It's not like those people are going to starve now. Germany is a social country. The worst they'll get to is still more than your average student working half time here earns. It may be poverty or something, by only by really high western standards, meaning they can't afford a car or something. They're not going to starve.
3. Your reply sounds like any way to earn money is correct. Sort of like "the end justifies the means". Like, if those guys were participating in some illegal business, it would still be wrong for other people to feel relieved when they got caught.

So there's nothing wrong about feeling well with this piece of information. Money being taken away from supporting the development of mono is always good news. And to those fired, you can only say, "if you sleep with dogs you'll wake up with fleas".

Good day for the foss community!